Trust The Original

EnviroGLAS Products, Inc. was the first company in North America to offer a variety of post-use recycled glass and porcelain aggregate for decorative use in Terrazzo flooring. Since 2002 the translucence of glass has continued to create a dazzling effect, and its durability has proven true in numerous completed projects. From airports and schools to office buildings and coffee shops, recycled glass and porcelain has become the next big thing in Terrazzo.

The beauty of Terrazzo flooring is that it is prepared on site, presenting endless color and design possibilities. Unique mixtures of 100% post-use consumer and industrial glass are combined with custom color epoxy resin and poured in place to create exquisite Terrazzo applications for flooring, walls and other surfaces. Best of all, this 3/8″ floor can contain up to 100% recycled aggregate.

The use of EnviroGlas Products, Inc. aggregate is geared toward terrazzo flooring projects in excess of 2,000 square feet. Extremely durable and low maintenance, Terrazzo is one of the most economical flooring applications for long-term asset buildings. An independent assessment found that Terrazzo flooring utilizing EnviroGlas Products, Inc. recycled aggregate can contribute up to seven USGBC LEED points.

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