Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring using Recycled Glass Aggregate

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This guide specification has been prepared by EnviroGLAS™ Products, Inc., in printed and electronic media, as an aid to specifiers in preparing written construction documents flooring using EnviroGLAS™ recycled glass aggregate.

Please note that when specifying non-breathing floor coverings such as epoxy terrazzo it is imperative that the substrate to which the flooring is adhered is within manufacturer’s recommended tolerances for moisture content and pH level. New concrete slabs should have a properly installed vapor barrier directly beneath the concrete slab. Both existing and new slabs should be tested for moisture and pH using a calcium chloride test (ref. ASTM F1869-98) or a deep probe test (ref. ASTM F2170). Elevated moisture or pH must be mitigated before new floor coverings can be installed. Refer to NTMA recommendations for further information regarding acceptable moisture and pH levels.

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